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If you have connections to investors who are looking to make large transactions with bitcoin, then you can get rewarded for it! At Bitcoin Reserve, we’ve recently been expanding our agent program, which can benefit you if you have any referrals.

The Bitcoin Brokerage Space

With the recent and significant increases that central banks have been making with their respective money supplies, as well as growing concerns for traditional financial markets, bitcoin has been gaining more attention. Bitcoin brokerage firms are specifically tailored for the needs of High-Net-Worth investors, and the market is colossal, having a daily volume of $12-20 billion.

With brokers having access to large amounts of liquidity, investors are able to place trades at a fixed price range without any slippage, a change of price during the event that an order is executed. Aside from that, there is no use of a public order book and, as a result, this keeps the client’s identity private. Brokerage firms are also able to conduct trades worth up to hundreds of bitcoins, as opposed to common exchanges which have maximum buy and withdrawal limits. As a result, High-Net-Worth investors are using this option when they choose to invest in bitcoin.

Your Opportunity With Us

Bitcoin Reserve is willing to offer competitive compensation for any new clients you refer to us. Not only will you receive a referral payment, you will continue to get residual income on any future trades that the client makes!

We’re a team of industry veterans that has been trading bitcoin since 2013, and we have a passion for what this revolutionary technology has to offer the world. Your referrals will have access to our consulting services on many topics such as what makes bitcoin unique, how it works, the best ways to store it securely, private and business use-cases, the latest industry trends, and much more!

We’re truly honored that you’re willing to refer people to our business, and we want to reward you for it. If you know of any individual or organization that may be interested in investing into bitcoin, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form on our Agents page.