If you want to contribute an article to The Bitcoin Reserve Journal, we'll be happy to host it!

Why contribute?

  • Establish your authority in the bitcoin space by sharing thoughts and insights with a high-quality audience
  • Attract the next wave of long-term investors
  • Play a role in establishing bitcoin as the world reserve currency

What is required?

Main theme: Bitcoin is the world reserve currency of the future.

Categories: Geopolitics, Finance, Markets, Business, Law.

Types of content: evergreen, research, analysis, history, projections, opinion.

Target audience: individual investors, institutional investors, investment groups, funds, family offices.


  • New content, unpublished anywhere else;
  • Bitcoin-only, no altcoins;
  • Structure: a) title; b) 1-2 sentence description; c) featured image; d) body;
  • Graphs, media and other supporting materials are encouraged.
  • Delivery via a Word document, Google Doc file or directly via our CMS (Ghost).

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